Wellness Incorporated (Well Inc.) is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of employees for all businesses throughout Australia.

We offer Corporate Pilates, Corporate Yoga and Corporate Mindfulness classes and workshops face-to-face and also online.

Well Inc. was founded after seeing demand for Weekly Wellness Programs from many businesses across a number of industries. In our experience we have found that by offering staff access to our programs participants get mentally and physically fitter, team bonds deepen and as a result we produce happier and more productive workforces for our clients.



All businesses are unique, and we create our programs based on the needs of your staff. We don’t do cookie cutter programs…

Instead, we offer a free trial class that allows our instructors to make an assessment of the abilities within the group. This provides us with enough information to create a program specific to your requirements, and to deliver quality results for their physical and mental wellbeing.


At Well Inc. we are dedicated to providing a positive experience for all participants, this includes our clients, their staff, and our instructors. Like the participants in our classes, we are flexible. Our programs range from calming to energising it all depends on the needs of your business and staff.

Our programs are designed to be highly effective. We welcome feedback and incorporate it as the program progresses each week, resulting in an allround benefit for your business. We believe a well thought out and delivered wellness program can create a stronger and better integrated workforce.

We have many happy clients, and we’re sure you’ll fast become one of them!


Here is what our clients have to say

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Our Pilates class has been designed to produce stronger, healthier, and highly focused teams. It’s also a perfect way to combat the busy schedules by bringing the class to your team.

Our classes have many benefits:

  • Builds strong, toned and supple bodies
  • Reduces stress and increase focus
  • Improves posture, strength, and flexibility
  • Build a team bond - our classes bring people from different departments together, give them a chance to mix in an informal way and creates a space to build new bonds for a stronger more integrated workforce

Duration: 45 mins

Space Required: A Meeting Room or a Breakout Area

Why Well Inc. Pilates?

We are dedicated to preserving the traditions of Pilates to build strong, flexible, and resilient bodies.

Pilates is an exercise program that is accessible to all. Our highly experienced teachers deliver our classes in a way that will benefit everyone regardless of physical ability or previous experience.


Well Inc. Yoga classes give participants the ability to gain more focus. Our past students have discovered the benefits of regular attendance to our classes, some of these include:

  • An increase in flexibility and muscle strength
  • Decreasing work stress through the focus required during the class and also through the built in opportunity to relax at the end of each class
  • A new sense of vitality and increased energy levels that will help increase productivity

Yoga is perfect for anyone who aspires to remain calm and centered no matter what the day throws at them. Our classes allow individuals to see what they are capable of through the challenges presented during the class. This translates into life in the office helping them build the confidence they need to be exceptional in their roles.

As with all of our programs participants are given a space to mix and get to know one another in a less formal setting. Stronger better-integrated businesses are created through the team bonding opportunities the class presents, before, during and after each class.

Duration: 45 mins

Space Required: A Meeting Room or a Breakout Area

Why Well Inc. Yoga?

Experienced teachers at the top of their field deliver our Yoga classes. Each class incorporates traditional teaching and creative sequencing.

The sessions are designed to be challenging and dynamic, while remaining accessible to everyone.

We’ve found that once you start, it can be very difficult to return to a life without yoga!


Well Inc. Mindfulness classes give participants the tools they need to be fully focused and fully present throughout the course of the workday.

Often when we work the mind can easily wander from the task at hand. Our mindfulness classes will address this and give participants tools and techniques they can take into the workplace allowing greater focus, reduced stress and have a greater appreciation for their own wellbeing as well as those around them.

Duration: 30 mins

Space Required: A Meeting Room or a Breakout Area

Why Well Inc Mindfulness?

Our classes are delivered by teachers with corporate backgrounds who understand the challenges participants face day to day. We believe this makes our classes more authentic and accessible for everyone.